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Salzburg is a paradise for lovers of traditional costumes, with 30 stores in the historic centre alone offering a huge variety of traditional fashion and accessories. From highly traditional clothing to eccentric designer pieces and from dirndl, lederhosen, Walkjanker jackets and Haferl shoes to pieces with quill embroidery, people of all ages will find just what they are looking for!

Dirndl & Lederhose (Kopie 1)

Dirndl & Lederhosen

Many stores in the historic city centre specialise in dirndl and lederhosen and offer everything you need for the perfect traditional outfit.

Kindertrachten (Kopie 1)

Traditional costumes for kids

Several stores specialise in traditional costumes for children, which your kids will love!

Schuhmacher (Kopie 1)


From Haferl shoes to wingtip shoes – the shoemakers in the historic city centre have the right shoe for every outfit.

Designertrachten (Kopie 1)

Traditional costumes by local designers

Many designers of dirndl, lederhosen & co produce and sell their exclusive fashion in the historic city centre – from very traditional clothing to eccentric pieces.

Trachten Accessoires (Kopie 1)

Traditional Accessories

You can find all the accessories you need for your perfect traditional outfit in the historic city centre – from Gamsbart decorations to chokers and dirndl bags.